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Welcome to Starry Nights Ranch

Enjoy our Rustic, Family Style Bed & Breakfast near Mesa Verde National Park

Starry Nights Ranch is located in the beautiful Mancos Valley, where Louis L’Amour was inspired to write his famous western novels; a place where community still exists and adventure still abounds.  Explore the town founded by cattle ranchers whose charges can be seen on its streets today as they move to and from their mountain pastures. As you wander among its quaint shops and historic buildings, watch out for cattle, cowboys, and stagecoaches!

Although Mesa Verde National Park draws visitors from around the world, Mancos has not become overwhelmingly touristy as it has many communities that host national parks.  Instead, it has managed to retain its “Old West” roots while still admirably serving as host to a World Heritage site. 

We invite you to visit this little corner of the West – explore its many intriguing facets while making Starry Nights Ranch your home for now.  You will be captivated not only by the views and sunsets but also by its starry nights’ skies!  Stay a while, come back often, and make this your “home away from home.”

A Little Information About What to Expect at Starry Nights Ranch

Many guests who visit Starry Nights Ranch Bed & Breakfast tell us they have never before stayed in a B&B and are unsure of the protocols involved.  One suggested that we include on our website an explanation of a B&B and what to expect – both from a guest’s perspective and that of the innkeeper.  We always listen to our guests’ suggestions and try to implement those we feel would enhance our guests’ experience.  This one definitely has merit so we will try to provide some insight as to what a guest might expect at our inn.

First of all, we are not a hotel and do not try to compete with them.  As with a typical bed and breakfast we are set up in our private home where the guests are provided a bedroom with its own private bath.  And, unlike a hotel, our guest rooms do not have TV’s.  We watch our family TV in the great room where our guests are invited to join us.  So we are always available if someone needs us or has a question.

And, as its name suggests, breakfast is usually included in the cost of the room.  The exception here at Starry Nights Ranch B&B is the Cowboy Cabin which is more like an Airbnb.  Since it is fully self-contained, breakfast is not included with the cost of the cabin but many guests opt to pay extra and join us in the lodge for breakfast.

As for the breakfast part of our Bed & Breakfast we here at Starry Nights Ranch prepare ranch-style breakfasts which typically include a savory casserole or dish consisting of meat, eggs, potatoes and veggies, along with some type of bread (bagels, homemade biscuits, fresh baked whole wheat bread or toast, and pancakes or waffles), homemade jams & jellies, and a dessert dish along with juice, fresh fruit, tea, and coffee.  No one should ever go away hungry!  Upon arrival (or sooner), please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.  We try to accommodate most needs like vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets.  Please be aware, however, that we must also accommodate the guests who are expecting our traditional ranch-style meal. 

We usually serve breakfast about 8:30 which we have found is the sweet spot for our guests – not too early and not too late.  If our guests have a tour or appointment which requires them to leave earlier than 8:30, we will put together a to-go bag consisting of coffee cake and fruit. This is another area where we differ from hotels.  We do not offer continuous service – we provide a buffet at the specified time and we sit down together for our meal.  Guests can help themselves to coffee or tea at any time and there are always fresh cookies, nuts, and ice water available. 


Now, some of the do’s and don’ts: 

Please be aware that our bed and breakfast is in our home.  We live here so we appreciate our guests’ respectfulness.  We always try to be accommodating to their needs while also providing a welcome respite from their travels or a home base for exploring SW Colorado.  There is a corner of the great room dedicated to snacks, ice water, tea and coffee as well as a shared sink, small fridge, and microwave for your use.  There is an ice tray in the fridge for drinks but we do not have the capacity to provide ice for coolers.

Checking in:  Check-in time is between 3 and 8 PM.  Because we open our home to guests, we ask that you respect that time frame.  If you are going to be late, please call ahead to advise us and we can absolutely accommodate your later arrival.  If you need to check in early for any reason, PLEASE call and ask if it is okay.  (We often finish preparing the room(s) just before the 3:00 check-in.)

Checking out:  Check-out time is 11 AM or earlier – 10 AM if you are a cabin guest with a dog.  Again, please respect these times as we need as much time as possible to ready the rooms for our next guests.


The great room is where you can relax, read, have coffee/tea and cookies, as well as sit at our ten-foot table for breakfast in the morning or to work or play any other time.  We have an extensive selection of books, games and puzzles for rainy/snowy day entertainment.  The great room is where we, the owners, relax so we are always available for any questions or concerns -- we often eat our meals here in front of the TV. 

We try to keep an extensive selection of brochures and information about the area’s attractions.  And don’t hesitate to ask us for information as we are familiar with most places you will probably like to visit.  We also keep a variety of paper maps which will help with an overview of the area.  Most places today can be found easily with your phone’s GPS; however, there is one site in particular for which we advise you to avoid using it – Hovenweep National Monument.  It will often take you out into the desert on a jeep track!

Please also be aware that we have a resident dog and cat.  If you are allergic to animals, it would probably be safer to stay at a hotel where animals are not allowed.  Neither of our fur babies are permitted in guest bedrooms but that’s not to say that Stuie (the cat) won’t sneak in if he finds an opportunity.  Dutchie (the dog) is too big to miss so she remains in common areas when guests are not here.  Dutchie is a rescue who was abused and abandoned more than once so she is not usually visible unless a guest wants to take the time to meet her on her terms.  Pets are, of course, welcome in our Cowboy Cabin (maximum of 2).  We now charge a cleaning fee of $25 because we found that it typically takes us 1-3 extra hours to restore the cabin to its original state.

Thank you for taking the time to review our story -- we look forward to meeting you and hearing yours.  The best part of our business is sitting down to breakfast with our guests!

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