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About Starry Nights Ranch

We fell in love with Southwest Colorado many years ago and finally found ourselves in a position to realize Sandie’s life-long dream of sharing her love of western adventure, the area’s ancient residents, and a Colorado mountain getaway.  And Mom went along for the ride – along with sister, Nancy!  We hope you will join the three of us in this little piece of heaven just four miles north of the old-west town of Mancos, considered the gateway to Mesa Verde National Park. 

Starry Nights Ranch Bed & Breakfast began as a dream – a place where we could create a haven to share with visiting guests.  In our search we found an idyllic spot on a small mesa top with incredible, unobstructed views of Mesa Verde National Park and (almost) nightly sunsets painted with a crimson brush.  In all seasons this ancient home to the Southwest’s early residents, the Ancestral Puebloans (or Anasazi), draws visitors to explore their land and learn about their lives.  And in that exploration, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

Its scenic charm and rustic atmosphere immediately made us feel like we were “coming home” -- the theme running throughout all our decisions as we renovate and expand the property.  Sandie’s mantra throughout the process has been: “It’s not like going to a hotel – it’s like going to visit family.”   We hope you will come visit us and share our incredible views, sunsets, and night skies.

Sandie, Bonnie, & Nancy Fritz