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Welcome to Starry Nights Ranch

Enjoy our Rustic, Family Style Bed & Breakfast near Mesa Verde National Park

Starry Nights Ranch is located in the beautiful Mancos Valley, where Louis L’Amour was inspired to write his famous western novels; a place where community still exists and adventure still abounds.  Explore the town founded by cattle ranchers whose charges can be seen on its streets today as they move to and from their mountain pastures. As you wander among its quaint shops and historic buildings, watch out for cattle, cowboys, and stagecoaches!

Although Mesa Verde National Park draws visitors from around the world, Mancos has not become overwhelmingly touristy as it has many communities that host national parks.  Instead, it has managed to retain its “Old West” roots while still admirably serving as host to a World Heritage site. 

We invite you to visit this little corner of the West – explore its many intriguing facets while making Starry Nights Ranch your home for now.  You will be captivated not only by the views and sunsets but also by its starry nights’ skies!  Stay a while, come back often, and make this your “home away from home.”

Starry Nights Ranch Blog ...

Mark your calendars for April 19 because the oldest recorded meteor shower is going to be visible in the night sky. The Lyrid meteor shower was first recorded by ancient Chinese astronomers in 687 B.C., according to, and the shower of meteors was described as ‘falling like rain.” Hopefully, this year...

We here at Starry Nights Ranch B&B were honored to be featured in a recent article in Trips to Discover, a popular digital travel magazine with a monthly readership of over 1.6 million.  In their search for the “coolest and most accommodating places to stay near Mesa Verde National Park” our B&B was featured as #2 in the top 9 places to stay.

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